Assembly With Inteligence

Thanks for the advancement of technology, it's now excellent way to let your facilities to possess the ability to monitor ther own performance & status, and to decide the best next moves this will bring much benefits lie safety improvements, saving great deal of finance, reduce error by workers, increase productivity, etc.


Automation Capailities:

  • Motor & Pumps
  • HVAC
  • Water Tank
  • Generator
  • Electrical Energy
  • Machine
  • Chiller
  • Water Treatment

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Remote Monitoring & Control

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries dude works on his tablet to operate his assembly line at silicone valley.

Real Project For Real Time Controll

Engineering costs, time and risk are reduced through easy integration with all your plant devices.

Safety of the operators

Safety of workers and equipment are increased through predefined processes managed by a SCADA system.

Showcase of A Finish Projects

One of our pride is have automated many machines & processes in semiconductor, electronics, chemical, milling, food processing, and other plant. We have built, modified, upgraded the machines & equipment for the purposes of improving productivity & safety, and reducing operational cost as well.


INFINITEbox of Elliance is the powerfull tool which ale to read signal from sensor of almost all kind, include (but not limited to) temperature, level, vibration, voltage/current, PH, humidity, chemical composition, motion, etc. The built in SCADA with HMI enable user to view status of various facilities clearly the vieing can be done in local network, or do remote viewing with it's IoT capability. The system can be configured to alert user immediately once the facilities oprated out of range.

Facilities Monitoring

Energy Management

Process Automation